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At the conclusion of a case in 2014, an opposing counsel wrote to Rick Rutledge a note that sums up the reputation and practice at Rutledge Law Office, P.C., "The anecdotal reports I heard about you were true -- good lawyer, straight shooter, and solves problems.  Now I can agree from my own personal knowledge." 

Indeed, over more than two decades, Rick Rutledge has established a track record of client service and results while representing clients all over Texas, both in courts (state and federal) and arbitrations. 

Today, Rutledge Law Office, P.C., provides the following services to clients:

1) Civil Representation throughout Texas in state courts, federal courts, and arbitrations;

2) Business Counsulting, that is, advising small businesses and individuals in particular concerning entity formations, contract reviews, and liability/indemnity issues; and 

3) Estate Planning, to include wills, trusts, and questions regarding management of an individual's estate to ensure that assets are both preserved and distributed per clients' wishes.  

A sample of trial and arbitration results follows:

Residential constrution suit in state court, Montgomery County, Texas where corporate seller failed to disclose property condition prior to sale.  Obtained verdict for nearly $1 Million for homeowners. In the appeal against major Texas appellate firm, both the Beaumont Court of Appeals and the Texas Supreme Court found the DTPA liability finding was based on sufficient evidence. Case settled after remand.   

Personal injury suit in state court, Harris County, Texas where driver was killed. Seriously-injured passenger sued our client under old joint-and-several liability rules, needing only to place 11% fault on our driver to hold our client 100% responsible. Amount in controversy was $300,000+. Defense verdict of no liability;

Commercial credit suit in state court, Montgomery County, Texas where major bank attempted to hold our client small business owner personally liable for business debts. Defense verdict of no liability; 

Church property dispute where national denomination tried to assert trust claim on multi-million dollar property held by our local church client.  After summary judgment proceedings, the First Court of Appeals first ruled against our client before reversing course on rehearing.  Case was settled on remand with our client holding its property free and clear. 

Personal injury suit in state district court, Travis County, Texas. Plaintiff who sought to hold our driver/company client liable for rear-end, intersection collision. Amount in controversy of $1,500,000.  Defense verdict of no liability; 

Multi-million dollar insurance coverage dispute in federal court, Southern District of Texas, Houston Division. Served as local counsel for major Washington , D.C. firm and assisted in negotiating favorable resolution for our client;
Personal injury suit in Jefferson County, Texas against major Beaumont firm. Amount in controversy $2,000,000, with punitive damages claims.  Near the conclusion of a one-week trial, Plaintiffs accepted the pretrial settlement offer of $150,000;

Residential construction arbitration in Houston, Texas.  Our client homeowners sought damages for failed foundation and misrepresentation during the sale.  Arbitrator awarded rescission of sale and attorney’s fees in favor of homeowners, for damages totaling nearly $1 Million; 

Personal injury suit in state court, Harris County, Texas. Amount in controversy was $1,500,000, and Plaintiffs rejected client’s pretrial settlement offer of $250,000. Defendant garbage truck hit Plaintiffs' truck pulling across highway intersection after failing to stop with 1,000 feet of visibility.  However, jury found Plaintiff driver was 50% at fault, and thus total recovery was $60,000;

Auto accident suit involving clear liability in Gregg County, Texas against local counsel from Longview, Texas. Plaintiff rejected our client’s pretrial settlement offer of $115,000 and were awarded $85,000 by the jury.   

Indemnity/insurance dispute in federal court, Southern District of Texas, per maritime master service contract. Plaintiff claimed that it was an additional insured under client’s policy per master service agreement. Trial court granted summary judgment in favor of Plaintiff. We appealed trial court’s summary judgment to the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals in New Orleans. Fifth Circuit reversed and remanded after oral argument, resulting in a settlement on favorable terms in the district court; 
Personal injury suit where Plaintiff claimed brain injury with $500,000+ in controversy in state court, Harris County, Texas. Substituted in as counsel near trial date and filed Motion for Summary Judgment after scheduling order deadline. Summary Judgment granted in favor of our client and upheld on appeal; and

Commercial construction arbitration in Arlington, Texas where Plaintiff claimed our client improperly wired apartment complex and sought approximately $1.6 Million in damages.  Arbitrator ruled in our client’s favor, finding no liability. 

Please note that unless otherwise noted within this site, attorneys not certified by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization. 

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    We have a track record of obtaining successful civil trial results throughout Texas -- in state, federal, and arbitration proceedings. Led by an AV-Rated trial lawyer (Preeminent 2012) who was also voted one of Houston's Best Lawyers in 2008, our trial practice focuses on construction/real estate, commercial, tort, and indemnity/insurance issues.  We provide proactive counsel to small businesses on myriad topics, as well, and can also assist individual clients with wills, trusts, and other estate planning needs. Unless otherwise noted, attorneys not certified by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization.

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